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Our curb adaptors are fabricated with 18 gauge galvanized steel, insulated with 1" 1-1/2# duct liner, and a 2"x2"x1/8" angle iron welded to the bottom that fits on the existing curb. Any size, any make, to any unit.
Adaptor shown courtesy of: All Air Conditioning and Heating LLC,
Sqaure to Rounds
Any size or offset. Bottom flat, Center line, Top flat, etc.
Raw end, flanged end,etc.
Round ends can be made for pipe size, fitting size, or custom sized. With or without a crimped end and bead.
Lay in grid boxes
Any size.
Common sizes:

Drain pans
Any shape or size. 1/2" to 1-1/2" npt welded fitttings.
Flex and Transition. Courtesy of
All Air Conditioning and Heating, LLC.
Round Wye
Round wyes made to any specifications.
J flange/ H flange Ductmate duct
We offer either flange. Big jobs, small jobs, single fittings or plan and spec.  Fittings have flange spot welded on duct while our straight duct is screwed on for ease of removal if needed. Complete with nuts, bolts gasket and cleats. We also offer stainless and aluminum with this flange also.

Grease Duct

16 ga. Black Iron

Our grease duct is constructed from 16 ga. mild steel, stainless or any spec called for. Here is a Sonic Drive-In, courtesy of Patton Air.
Spiral Pipe
Although we do not make spiral, it is not out of our reach to fabricate the fittings, tear drop hangers, reducers, caps, and grille taps that are needed to do the job. Our suppliers stock spiral pipe and deliver twice a week.
Grille Taps
Plasma Cuts
Grille taps can be installed by on of fabricators or shipped loose for customer install. These come in a variety of sizes on any diameter pipe. Increased area taps, shoe tap, for better air flow and sleek design opposed to the straight grille tap.
We hand plaz all of our grille taps, without cutting the spiral seam, and tack weld the grille tap on. Tack welded on by one of our fabricators these are sure not to come off. Sealed with duct sealant and welds are cold galv. sprayed to match.

Custom duct jobs

No duct job is the same. Some require special attention for obstacles that can not be avoided. This is one of the many things we do best.

Custom work

On top of the many projects and jobs we have going on,
we have time to also help out with those projects you have outside of work. Here is a few we had the privilege to do.

Transmission Tunnel
34' Ford pick up
34' Ford pick-up

Extension for Shed
1"x1" Tube frame
Aluminum-Stainless Steel

We fabricate aluminum and stainless steel duct as well as our galvanized. All of the products we offer follow SMACNA Standards. Slip and drive connections are common on these materials, however we also offer a ward flange complete with corners, nuts and bolts, gasket and cleats.
Custom Copper
Chimney Caps.